I know you’re all sitting there waiting with baited breath, constantly hitting refresh to see what could possibly be added to the site next. Well golly-gee, do I have great news for you! On the About page, there is now a downloadable .PDF of my resume. Oh, you lucky dogs!

You think that’s all? No, no. Keen observers might also notice that my newest headshots have been added as well. They are currently the first thing you see when you go to the Photo Gallery. Now there’s no need to play it cool. We all know you want to click over and check them out faster than the internet can carry you. Well you go right ahead. There’s no judging here. You can stair at my amazing headshots to your heart’s content.

A bit of sad news as well. The Sanger Talent Agency is discontinuing their representation of actors, which unfortunately includes me. Over the Winter, you might have heard about the Writer’s Strike. As you can see, Hollywood is still feeling the repercussions of that. I always felt really fortunate to be represented by Karl Sanger. When talking to others about my plans for the work I’ll be posting here, I’ve recently been mentioning the excitement of independence and creative freedom. I think someone somewhere took me a little too literally. That’s OK, though. I’m eager to see where it takes me.

A bit of good news, too. As an addendum to the MS Walk post, Nahleen and Kelly both won the Most Spirited Award for their team! The National MS Society‘s blurb:

Most Spirited Team: teamMS –GLA
When the Chapter asked Kelly Garver and Nahleen Blake to lead the teamMS team they enthusiastically agreed to take on the challenge. They brought together individual walkers to create a team that was a force to be reckoned with in their first year. They welcomed any and all who wanted the great experience of being on a team. The 25 members showed incredible spirit and have already raised more than $15,000. Thank you!

They got trophies and everything!

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