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This Friday is brought to you by Roly-Poly Kitteh

That kitty kinda looks like my kitty!

Unrelated news: There’s an update to the status of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stan Lee and The Governator.

Things to do in LA this weekend:

COMEDYThe X-ecution continues and the Magic Meathands‘ Kathie Bostian has made it to the Final 9! Last week, she won immunity thanks to audience support, which meant she was automatically safe and performed with the improv group The Board. Will she make it this week?  It’s elimination-style improv comedy with $500 and meetings with top talent agencies at stake. Find out at The Improv Space in Westwood, Friday, 8-9 PM. Tickets are $10.

END TIMES – The Rapture is supposed to happen on Saturday, everywhere. 3% of the population will be called to heaven. Earthquakes will spread across the planet “as the sun advances”. Life will be generally crummy for the remaining 97%, presumably, until the world will finally sputter to an end on October 21, 2011. So, stock up on water, I guess. If you’re one of the Left Behind and looking for something to do, there’s always Post Rapture Looting.

ENTERTAINMENT – The 2nd Annual Silver Lake Jubilee is this weekend with tons of music, comedy, comics reading event, interactive theater games, and lots more, Saturday and Sunday. Performances will be held under the bridge at Sunset and Santa Monica Blvds. in Silver Lake, starting at 10 am each day and going late into the night.

BENEFIT – A collection of 20 scantily clad women will be washing cars in their bikinis to raise money for the victims of the tornado in Alabama. There will also be live DJs spinning music and a live podcast noon to 3. The Alabama Tornado Victims Charity Fundraiser Bikini Car Wash will be at Norm’s 76 gas station on Sunset in West Hollywood, Sunday, 10am – 6pm. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund, run by the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce. Suggested donation: $10 & up.

This Friday is brought to you by Shot In 3D Kitteh

Things to do in LA this weekend:

COMEDY: The X-ecution is down to the Final 10! It’s elimination-style improv comedy with $500 and meetings with top talent agencies at stake. Our own Kathie Bostian of the Magic Meathands is in the line-up, code-named The Snake. Cheer her on at The Improv Space in Westwood, Friday 8-9 PM. Tickets are $10.

ART / MUSIC: The first annual Atwater Art Walk debuts on Glendale Blvd., specifically with art at 55˚ Wine and Kaldi Coffee and Tea, and music at Revo Café in the LA neighborhood of Atwater Village on Saturday, 5-10 PM.

COMEDY: Family-friendly improv comedy featuring the Magic Meathands (with me!) and Jump Start Improv at The Spot Café in Culver City, Saturday, 8-10 PM. Tickets are $7.