Mary Benedict

Fun and Games

Magic Meathands video #2!

I acted in this and I also edited it. Wendy Lee did the fancy hand-held camera work.

Also featuring Mary Benedict (writer/director), Nikki Turner and Travis McElroy, also of the Magic Meathands.

This was a lot of fun to be in. My mission: yell and be angry. Bonus points if you can name all of the real games Mary used to create the fictional Calcatron. (I love that name. Sounds like Megatron’s forgotten step-brother.)

Oh and if I ever invite you to game night, I promise it’s not like this. No, really, it’s not!

Magic Meathands Video #1: Eddie the Enforcer

Eddie the Enforcer

New sketch comedy video with me!

I provided the voice-over and also appear in this mock commercial written and directed by fellow Magic Meathands performer Shane Boroomand.

Also featured are Kevin Callahan, Nikki Turner, and Mary Benedict.

I recorded most of the voice-over in one take with memories of all of those awful “as seen on TV” ads that seemed to infest daytime and late late night. I don’t know, maybe they still do.

Anyway, this is the first of a new series of sketch comedy videos that the Magic Meathands have produced and are producing. I hope you enjoy! We’ve had a blast making them! To make sure you don’t miss any of them, subscribe to either my YouTube page (for ones with me) or the Magic Meathands YouTube page.

Don’t forget: The Magic Meathands are performing at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica this Friday!